Monday, September 29, 2014

Finally Fall

Thank you, Mother Nature! It's time for layering, time for quilted jackets over cashmere cable knits over plaid flannels. Well, okay. Maybe it's not that cold yet, but holy ****, how I love this autumn weather. If anything's going to get me back into a steady stream of blogging, it's sharing with you all the goods being churned out this season by Polo and other faves. But before I proceed with what I like, I have to share this... thing.

Come on, Polo! This desolate photo of grey on grey is the header to your Style Guide? And what style is present here? A double-breasted-camel-coat-and-sockless-tennis-shoe-wearing-Jeff-Spicoli-wannabe-skateboarder? Whew...

Oh! And that style of skateboard has gotta be older than the model! Is that Polo's trademark aspirational and vintage aesthetic at work? No. Oh, no.

In conclusion... yay! Fall!

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