Friday, July 4, 2014

Fashion Stork Review

I was recently granted the opportunity to share a product review from Fashion Stork, a subscription-based menswear dealer. I'll be honest. As a very particular and especially thrifty shopper, I've been hesitant to try one of these subscription services. However, when the offer came along, I thought I'd give it a shot to, if nothing else, provide readers and fellow bloggers with info on this sort of thing.

The setup was surprisingly quick and simple. I visited and created a profile via a survey on my personal style. First, you provide your age, height, weight, body type, and skin tone.  Next, you provide your sizes and fits you prefer regarding shirts, pants, shoes, and jackets. I was pleased to see exact sizes available for selection - i.e. 40 Short or Tall rather than just 40, 16 32/33 to 36/37 rather than just 16.

After all your sizes are worked out, you see this...

My one concern here is lack of clarity - perhaps a description of each category and/or brands offered within a category should be noted. How am I to know the difference between Business and Dressy, Casual and Relaxed?

In the final few questions, you get to pick your favorite brands amongst a page of logos to further hone in on your tastes. You also pick types of items you'd like to receive often or perhaps not at all (hats, ties, sandals, graphic tees, etc.) Finally, you can write in things you want and things you never want in a package.

On to my package.

The current, monthly rate at Fashion Stork is $65. So, did I get $65 worth of stuff? Yep. In fact, I received closer to $165 of merchandise. The Buffalo sport shirt is priced $74, and the Bass oxfords are priced around $80. Now, did the items go with my survey answers?

Absolutely! I've never worn Buffalo David Bitton, but the shirt certainly fits my style. And the shoes? Well, they couldn't be more me. Though it's hard to tell from only two items, I really think the survey questions work.

And if things don't quite work out, you can always make an exchange or cancel your membership entirely. Fashion Stork doesn't hold you to a contract, yet it seems they'll do their best to keep you satisfied with each month's merchandise. I received a kind note in my package regarding a specific request. I'm allergic to most synthetic fabrics, an issue to which they were quite attentive.

Overall, I'd say Fashion Stork is certainly a service worth trying. You're assured quality goods (just browse the Examples page) and you'll always receive a greater value than what you pay for each month. So, check it out here!

PS: One dollar of each order goes to help the adoption of children in need.

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