Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Almost Doesn't Count

I may have been away from blogging, but nothing can keep me away from thrifting. Between a day at the spa and a day at the thrifts, I'll always take that sweet, second-hand gold. However, few things are as frustrating as those almost moments. You know, you come across the item of your dreams... then you see a giant rip, or stain, or discoloration, or tear, or whatever. 

Example: a vintage Baracuta G9 with tartan lining. Perfect size, perfect fit, perfectly misplaced motor oil stain all over the back. Bye bye, Baracuta.

Example 2:  A true guernsey sweater by L.L. Bean, and all-around one of the most beautifully crafted sweaters ever. Horribly and horridly shrunken, to be worn only by a four-year-old or my neighbor's prissy poodle.

1 comment:

  1. You're glad that you got so many thrift stores in the US. Here in Germany you won't find brands like LLB, BB, JP, etc. in our second hand stores...

    Btw: I'd take that LLB Guernsey for my little son :-)