Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Almost Doesn't Count

I may have been away from blogging, but nothing can keep me away from thrifting. Between a day at the spa and a day at the thrifts, I'll always take that sweet, second-hand gold. However, few things are as frustrating as those almost moments. You know, you come across the item of your dreams... then you see a giant rip, or stain, or discoloration, or tear, or whatever. 

Example: a vintage Baracuta G9 with tartan lining. Perfect size, perfect fit, perfectly misplaced motor oil stain all over the back. Bye bye, Baracuta.

Example 2:  A true guernsey sweater by L.L. Bean, and all-around one of the most beautifully crafted sweaters ever. Horribly and horridly shrunken, to be worn only by a four-year-old or my neighbor's prissy poodle.

I'm Back... No, Seriously

Not a day goes by where the sudden loss of my mother gets easier. Since January, I can't say I've had a single bad day, but many moments come and go where I struggle to find the passion and happiness I once had. I've been working on making these bad moments occur less frequently, and as such, I'm back to blogging. Before this year, I went two years blogging basically every single day. I'm now fully committed to get back to this crazy blogosphere and the loyal readers I've not yet lost, with hope to gain many, many new readers. I so greatly appreciate all the personal messages to have come along in recent months. You guys have brought me back, and so... let the blogging begin... again.