Thursday, August 29, 2013

Just in from eBay - Dream Jacket

Just when I thought I owned all the sweaters I could ever want, I found this on eBay. After a few last minute bids, I spent around $71 for the win. Though I never pay so much for sweaters, even cashmere, the hybrid sweater/jacket look made the price completely worthwhile. Unlike most of the Polo pieces I find, I have no clue how much this originally cost. I don't remember seeing it in a store or online in the past seven years (since I've been buying Polo), but I would have gladly paid twice my winning bid. As if the patch pockets aren't enough, having the opportunity to wear this with a pocket square makes it so much more functional. Now, this fall, before breaking out my heavy tweed or corduroy sport coats, I'll be using this double-breasted beauty.

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