Friday, July 5, 2013

Frank and Oak - Ties

As you may know, I'm kinda obsessed with ties, with about 400 currently in rotation. In the past few years, I've filled my collection with paisleys, foulards and stripes, but only recently have I taken the time to expand my solid and dotted tie assortment.

First up is the Logan Raw Silk Tie in Ruby. Though I'd call it more persimmon than ruby, the slubbing in this tie will add depth to any outfit, any time of year. We often overlook the visual weight of an outfit in terms of texture. Sure, it's easy to count the number of patterns we can use cohesively, but fabric texture is just as crucial in forming a solid look. Raw silk pairs perfectly with lightweight linen in summer and tough twill in winter. (I know... triple alliteration in a single sentence. Damn. There it was again.) This tie is a bargain at $32... so much so that it's currently sold out.

Round two: the Printed Cotton Tie in Navy Polka Dot. Somehow, I was yet to own such a quintessential tie until this wonderful piece from Frank & Oak came my way. Every guy owns blue/white striped shirts. This has forever been the standard of workwear, and a blue/white polka dot tie is just as timeless. Unless you're wearing a polka dot shirt, this sort of tie pairs with just about anything and runs only $28.

Quality? After wearing these ties all day, each of the past two days, I'm quite happy. Well sewn and solidly constructed, these ties provide substantial knots. Also, they quickly come back to form after being unknotted.

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