Saturday, July 6, 2013

Frank and Oak - Saint Tropez Cotton Sweater

Another key addition to my summer wardrobe just arrived, in the form of this Breton Stripe sweater. An iconic piece of fashion history, this classic has always been in style, produced from brands like Target and Gap to Gucci and Ralph Lauren. Usually marked as a boating sweater or simply a nautical sweater, the Breton Stripe belongs in every man's wardrobe. The Frank & Oak Saint Tropez version is a very lightweight, 100% cotton option worth considering. I particular like the notched crewneck, a feature I've yet to see on similar sweaters. After wearing mine all day July 4th then sleeping in it to test for shape retention and pilling, I woke up pleasantly surprised. Most cheap sweaters show themselves as such after one wearing, but the quality I'd expected from Frank & Oak held true. No stretching. No pilling. Honestly, I like this sweater so much I'll be wearing it on a regular basis from now on, which is saying something given that my current knitwear count is around two hundred. Speaking of numbers, the Saint Tropez sweater currently costs $70. It might not be the cheapest nautical sweater on the market, but you're buying a quality, classic piece of menswear that can last a lifetime.

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