Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Name. That. Brand.

One of the latest additions to the CKC Shoppe is a navy/cream houndstooth jacket from Ross Hadley.
But can anybody tell me anything about this company? Google's got nothin.' 

A 25% coupon for any one item in the shoppe to the reader who provides some info.


  1. Style of the coat? Era? Are there are *no* other labels? What you show here makes me think mid-20th Century.

    Lots of Ross Hadleys in the world. There was a Ross Hadley who is described on Wikipedia as a "millionaire aviator" who would have been around in the early 20th C. There's a great little article in a newspaper about him giving Gandhi a hard time. He seems to have been active on the social scene generally.

    If not named for a real person, I found a Hadley Coat Co. in MA and a Hadley Fashion Inc. in NYC. There was also a Hadley Fashion House. Nothing much there to go on, except Hadley Coat Co. was in a big warehouse industrial park in Chicopee and may or may not be listed in a 1950s garment industry reference.

    There's some info. Nothing useful.

    1. Thought it might not have informed me on THE Ross Hadley company, I certainly appreciate the feedback and have emailed you a 25% coupon. Thanks!