Monday, April 22, 2013

Interview - Paul McGregor

I recently interviewed Paul McGregor, Editor in Chief at Mens Fashion Magazine, about his start with fashion and where it's going this season. Paul has been a fashion journalist for several years, writing for the likes of FashionBeans, Styloko and the Style King. He's also a lecturer at the London College of Fashion and owner of
How did you first become interested in fashion?

I guess I fell into fashion because of the business path I took. I established back in 2009, and I guess I had to keep up to date with what was going on. From then, I took more of an interest and continued to develop my own personal style. I'm still learning every day...

What led you to launching Mens Fashion Magazine?

When I was running an online retailer selling clothing accessories, I was pretty surprised to find there wasn't a lot of online publications which offered accessible advice for men of all ages. Some of the fashion magazines focused specially on a few things, where as I wanted to create something more broad and available to the regular guy. I guess this discovery led me to launch MFM.

Who inspires your personal style?
I take inspiration from a lot of style icons, people I meet, and even from just browsing lookbooks online. I really like Lapo Elkann's style right now, along with Mr Gandy (I'm British, so of course I'll include David Gandy lol)
What are some fashionable pieces to pick up this spring?

Pastels we're huge last season and they've seemed to hold their weight too this season. A linen blazer is going to really transform any look this spring, and for me personally I'd invest in a few timeless pieces such as polo shirts, tailored shorts and light weight tees. These can be worn season after season.

From what trends should I stay away?

Don't get me wrong, I love prints but I've also seen a lot of guys get it totally wrong and end up looking like a rainbow. If you're going to rock any print whether its floral prints or animal prints, look to keep it subtle to start with. So pair it with a neutral colour to act as a neutraliser to the bright print. Some guys know how to pull off prints and create a statement, but others get it completely wrong.
What items make up a classic spring/summer wardrobe?

Keep things simple. Opt for chino shorts, tailored shorts, short sleeved shirts, polo shirts, light weight cardigans and linen blazers. Loafers too will complete any look, and again all of these pieces are timeless.

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