Monday, February 18, 2013

Today at the Thrift - Brookfield and Corbin

Every now and then, I find a remarkable jacket, something very special. This usually comes in the form of a tartan or madras I've never seen before. Today, I came across a rather conventional chalk stripe pattern of the most striking colors. The top suit here, by Brookfield, is of a rich, hunter green with orange stripes. So often, we think of the people who owned pieces like this, and what they might be like. Where was this suit worn? What drew it's owner to purchase it, anyway? But I'm really left wondering why more suits don't look like this today. I'm not speaking of the craftsmanship, which is excellent, but simply the color scheme. I realize navy and grey have always held the forefront in traditional suiting, and that and olive/brown suit literally looks like ****, but I want more of this vibrant green. I'm sure Holland and Sherry has a cloth like this amidst its brilliant collections, but who's going to put such a cloth into mass production outside of, perhaps, Phineas Cole or Purple Label?

The second piece may not be as special, but I'm always delighted to find old Corbin goods. I could go on and on about my love of what Corbin used to be, but I'll save that for another post. However, the of Huntington seen on the label references the Huntington from which I live an hour away. The Corbin brand has its roots in West Virginia and represented great style and quality for years.

Do you have pieces from Brookfield or Corbin, any stories to share?

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