Sunday, February 10, 2013

Nice Try, Bro

While browsing Nice Try, Bro, a blog that humorously criticizes sartorial mishaps from around the blogosphere, I came upon this photo. Of the outfit above, this was said.

Despite possessing a frame that would suggest a strong gust of wind may blow him to Oz, the real ingenuity behind Luca Rubinacci’s tailoring is that he cuts his trousers to prioritize function over form: the bagginess doubles as a parachute-like device.  So don’t worry if you ever see him floating around Italy—he’ll land safely. 

But don’t ask me about this color combination.  I have absolutely no explanation for this abomination.

Have we reached a point in menswear where everything must be shrunken down so much as to consider this baggy? It seems, these days, that fashion dictates a skin-tight pant which either ends a few inches above the ankle, or ripples at the bottom with a mile of extra fabric. Excuse me if the traditional cut of my trouser doesn't cut off circulation to any vital organs.

And the color?
I'd say it's quite bluetiful, bro.

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  1. Some of that site is funny, but much of it is also seemingly just the highly narrow opinions of a random guy. That being said, I think Luca's trousers are cut very nicely. I'm all for proper tailoring, but the current trend of having everything tailored so close it looks like spandex is quite unrealistic for most people who like to dress well and appear respectable in public. Also, I imagine it's easy for random bloggers to be envious of a guy who runs a well respected Italian tailoring shop and can have almost sort of clothing he wants.