Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wish List - Wool Cap

I'm a driving cap guy but on occasion when a baseball cap seems the appropriate choice, I avoid logos and flat brims, and turn to this excellent wool cap from Orvis.


  1. very slick! the more i continue to follow in my father's follicular footsteps the more i seem to reach for a hat myself. just one question: on a tasteful cap, why do you shy away from a flatbrim? i've been wearing them more and more. i like their juxtaposition with a blazer or tie. i mean, i'm not wearing obnoxious logos and keeping the stickers on, but subtly designed flatbrim hats look pretty cool to me.

    1. I find today's flat brim caps to hold a certain place in fashion, but such a cap has never been part of my style. I only wear baseball caps as a matter of utility - generally when doing yard work or when at the pool to shield myself from the sun.

  2. oh dear, i understand this is an american style item but if you had this on in england they would shot you!(google chav)