Friday, January 18, 2013

Today at the Thrift

Best thrift of the year! Okay, it's only January, but still... 

1. Burberry navy blazer with brass buttons and logo-embroidered lining - 38
2. H. Freeman Bespoke woven windowpane with ticket pocket - 38
3. Samuelsohn woven windowpane, fabric from Italy - 38
4. H. Freeman Bespoke woven microcheck with ticket pocket -38

Two days ago I wrote on 2013 resolutions. I forgot to mention my primary goal regarding this blog, to discuss all that I bring in from thrift shops. The vast majority of things I buy are for the CKC Shoppe, and previously I've tended not to post photos of that merchandise until it appears in the shoppe. From now on, I'll put up whatever comes my way, so I may share my finds and give you a chance to inquire about new products before they're displayed.


  1. I've been thinking about doing the same for some of the stuff I find before I put it on ebay, not sure how I would work logistics if someone wanted something immediately though. Regardless I think it's a good way to both promote the shop and keep in line with promoting and displaying quality menswear (even if it's not from our personal wardrobe).

    I'm gathering on these that 38 is the size of the coat, are they all regular length?

    1. There's nothing I buy for the shoppe that I wouldn't put in my own closet, so I plan to display more outfits comprised of things I WOULD wear but can't due only to sizing.

      All regular length, with the sleeves cut slightly short.