Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Questions from the Audience

What are your style resolutions this year? I feel like my style's really changed this past year and I hope it keeps evolving. I know you're a young guy, but do you see yourself set in your style, or are you still updating and evolving your wardrobe? 

When my home burned down nearly four years ago, I lost practically everything I owned, so out of necessity I built a new wardrobe. Up to this point, I was wearing a lot of American Eagle and Abercrombie. Creating a new wardrobe afforded me the opportunity to grow my style and move beyond my so-called collegiate prep follies. My love of bargain hunting emerged from this. Despite having adequate insurance money for new clothes, I began visiting thrift shops, browsing eBay and scouring clearance racks for my new stuff. Why? First of all, I could not afford full-price Polo and Brooks. Secondly, I wanted clothing that would last and be a wise investment, the things my dad wore, the things I wore as a child. I moved beyond polos and jeans to oxfords and chinos, jumped from Chucks to Top-Siders. Anyway, four years later I still see my style evolving in some manner, not by what appeals to me stylistically, but by the purchases I make. I'm all set with shirts, sweaters, pants and shoes. Where I still wish to expand or update my wardrobe is in my suit selection. Though I own around thirty sport coats, my suit count stands at only five - corduroy, linen, and three wools in varying shades of grey. I have reached a point in my professional life where I can begin browsing fancier fabrics of glen plaid and tartan for a bespoke creation.

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