Monday, December 10, 2012

Sweet Sweet Shantung

I love finding these old ties with the tags still attached. New Polo ties cost around $120. This tie originally cost $20. I bought it for $7.

Shantung silk is a great substitute for heavy wools when you want a well-textured tie without the heat.


  1. You're absolutely right about using textured ties in the summer, they go exceptionally well with seersucker or madras. I'd really like to see how you pair this tie up, I normally tend to eschew striped ties with more than three colors. It is quite nice though, especially being vintage RL. Was it made in the USA?

    1. Along with shantung silk, I'm a fan of linen ties through winter as well. Though traditionally a summer fabric, I have a collection of solid linen ties which I prefer over solid silk knits, repp silks or wools. I'll have to pair this with my outfit tomorrow and photograph it. This tie was made in America and given its price, I'd guess made in the mid 70's.