Sunday, December 9, 2012

Simply Mint

Mint heather lambswool, made in Italy. A worthwhile investment of $20 at Marshall's.


  1. Nice find! I wish the Marshall's here carried any decent RL stuff, it's mostly odd colored polos and stuff with obvious defects. That really is a great color scarf for adding an uncommon pop of color to a winter wardrobe and definitely will work well with almost any winter color.

  2. Charleston has both Marshall's and TJ Maxx, which used to offer incredible pieces from Polo at great, great discounts. However, the past few years I've rarely found more than polos and quarter-zip sweaters. Oh, and the prices are now pretty ridiculous, too. $40 for a polo! $50 for a french-rib sweater! I can find Macy's and Dillards markdowns for half that. Though I must say, I love this particular shade of green and while I already have plenty of scarves, for that reason alone I couldn't pass on this.