Monday, December 24, 2012

Questions from the Audience

What did you study in college? What do you do now?
I studied advertising, marketing and public relations in school. In the past year, I've launched a media firm focusing on brand imaging and development, digital photography, and advertising via social media through integrated web development across traditional and mobile platforms. The CKC blog and shoppe are a passion of mine, but I don't make a living from either.

What did you ask for this year? 
World peace and a camera. This one. Clothing? I'm all set.

What's your favorite blog these days? Who was your biggest blogger inspiration to start the Cable Knit Charlestonian?
The best one, obviously. I don't have a single favorite blog, but there are a number of blogs I enjoy reading with every new post, as you'll see on my blogroll. An Affordable Wardrobe and Maxminimus kickstarted that blogging bug.

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