Friday, December 21, 2012

Questions from the Audience

I've received a number of reader questions the past few weeks and I'll try to answer them here from now through the new year.

I'm thinking of investing in a nice pair of monks or double monks. Any thoughts? 
Buy neither.
Purchase wingtips instead.
I've never really enjoyed the the idea of monkstrap shoes. I can't fully explain it, but the thought of buckles on shoes irks me. Sorry, pirates and pilgrims of the world.

Why do you never photograph yourself wearing what you wear?
I've found in the past that photographing myself invites obnoxious people to critique me rather than my style choices, and after all this is a style blog.

I see you posting all the time about cashmere. The only cashmere sweaters I own are from Macy's Club Room series and I've found merino wool to be just as suitable if not better. What's all the fuss about?
Club Room cashmere isn't terrible, but I've found softer and higher quality wools at much lower retail prices. That being said, some excellent cashmere may be purchased on eBay for less than the price of any cashmere or most wools at retail. If you read my post from several days ago about Polo cable knit cashmere, you'll see how cheaply these sweaters may be purchased. Forty dollars or less is an unbeatable deal on a $400 sweater. Of course, don't limit yourself to Polo. Keep an eye out for older cashmere with a high ply-count and countries of origin such as Scotland or Ireland and do some research if you're not familiar with a brand.

What's your favorite holiday movie? 
Home Alone and Home Alone 2. Can't have one without the other. Also, I can't go through Christmas without watching the Godfather and Rent.

Beans or Wellies? MUGGS?
Beans. By MUGGS, I'm assuming you mean Ugg boots for men. I have nothing against the Ugg Australia brand, but I don't feel men should be wearing the design which every American woman seems to own. However, I must admit to owning a pair from the thrift shop which I wear as house slippers. A girl I dated in college wore Uggs practically every day. She once handed me a pair to check out I was amazed by the feel of the shearling. Thanks to her, I now own those Uggs from the thrift, Polo shearling slippers, Eddie Bauer shearling duck boots and Polo shearling ranger boots.

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