Friday, December 28, 2012

Questions from the Audience - Prep Aesthetic

Every blog preaches what to buy. What particular items should I be avoiding to maintain a casual prep aesthetic?

Wear chinos, not jeans.Though still casual, proper chinos always look better than jeans.

Wear navy or grey, not black. Black looks rather severe on most, and should be saved for formal occasions.

Wear loafers and boat shoes, not athletic shoes. Athletic shoes are for athletics only, not everyday wear. And, while few things are as classically stylish as white Purcells or Chucks, they offer little comfort and support during sporting activities, so don't feel ashamed to go techy when it comes to saving your feet. The opposite is true above the ankles. I find that most modern moisture-wicking fabrics only draw in heat and sweat, and they generally look terrible. Therefore, I stick to simple cotton polos and shorts, whether at the gym or on the court.

Wear polos, not tees. Because I said so. However, don't feel you have to wear a Ralph Lauren or Lacoste polo because it's the thing to do. Always look for quality, but remember that every brand fits differently, and fit is your priority.

 Any ideas for the list? Leave a comment!

P.S. To be very particular...
Avoid J. Crew cotton-cashmere sweaters. They are quite thin, poorly constructed, and they stretch and pill after one wearing.

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