Monday, November 26, 2012

Today's Outfit - Plentiful Purple

Polo Ralph Lauren striped poplin shirt - $30 from Marshall's
Brooks Brothers sea island cotton v-neck sweater - $24 from eBay
Talbots paisley silk tie - $4 from eBay (in set of 3 for $12)
Polo Ralph Lauren bright blue corduroy trouser - $50 from
Smart Turnout regimental striped socks - courtesy of Smart Turnout
Allen Edmonds Danbury shoes - $1 from thrift shop


  1. This is a great outfit, I've just started paying attention again to purples and trying to add them into rotation. And $1 Allen Edmonds?! Amazing!

  2. Thanks! I understand the trepidation most guys feel toward wearing pink, but there's no reason a guy shouldn't be comfortable wearing purple. Very understated and elegant, if paired properly.