Thursday, November 1, 2012

Today's Outfit - Back in Boots

Without power the past several days, I've been unable to work, unable to blog, unable to function. Of course, I'm blessed not to have been worse off, and those still suffering on the east coast are in my prayers. Today I thought it appropriate to share some of my regular cold weather gear. 

Polo cotton flannel shirt - Flannel is a must this time of year.
Polo aran-knit pima cotton sweater - Quite functional and warm for cotton, still stylish. 
Levi's 550 jeans - Everybody needs jeans that can be beat up and worn down in snow. 
American Eagle boot socks - A cotton blend, these socks from the other AE are a fall favorite. 
Eddie Bauer vintage duck boots - With a shearling lining, this $1 thrift find beats Bean's standard duck mocs. 

Not pictured are my Polo quilted jacket and quilted leather (cashmere lined) gloves.

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