Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Kick in the Wallet, a Kick to the Head

Simply put, I love Allen Edmonds. Though I don't have the cash to buy a new pair, I've found a few dozen at thrift shops. Some are in excellent shape and have minor wear, some are scuffed and scratched. However, every pair has its place. When I discover a beat up brogue or damaged derby, I keep it for casual wear. Only the finest shoes are reserved for business and church. 

What does this have to do with the shoes above? This is a new pair of Allen Emonds, available at Brooks Brothers. I understand why Allen Edmonds would produce this shoe. There's money to be made selling artificially-aged stuff. What I don't understand the thought process of the guy wanting to pay $298 a shoe that already looks several decades old.

"I have $300 to spend on new shoes, but I don't want them too new. What will people think if my shoes are perfectly clean and the leather's all the same tone? What's this? Allen Edmonds has done the work for me? For only $298, I can act like I've recklessly worn these shoes for years. This decision certainly beats that of finding something similar at a thrift shop for a few dollars."

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