Friday, October 5, 2012

The Fall of Fair Isle

Though some of the sweaters here are warm-weather appropriate, there's no time like fall/winter to break out fair isle. Traditionally made of wool, today's fair isle selections can be found blended with linen, cotton and silk. Therefore, it doesn't take freezing temps. to be comfortable in one. When you're one of these sweaters, the trick is to keep everything else incredibly simple. Go with a solid shirt and tie in colors complimentary to those of the sweater. The place to apply contrast is with a blazer or suit. For example, any of the sweaters in the bottom photo would work perfectly with a navy suit, while similar shades of olive, tan and brown would leave the sweater and thus your outfit, muddled. By comparison (with exception of the blue fair isle), the sweaters in the top photo are certain to look best with grey tone suits. The monochromatic vibe will create a look that's more city-sophisticated than country casual.

Ralphie and Brooks always put out great selections, but more affordable options are available this season and can be found below. 

A round of applause is due for anyone who buys this and pulls it off.

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