Friday, September 21, 2012

Today's Outfit - New Cardigan

Polo green/white oxford - eBay, $15
*Merona cotton cardigan - Target, $25
Polo repp silk paisley - ebay, $7
Vintage linen/cotton trouser - thrift shop, $3
Cabot & Sons thick cotton socks, made in Vermont - Marshall's, $2.50 ($5 for two-pack)
**Allen Edmonds Park Avenue - thrift shop, $1

*This cardigan comes from the latest Merona line. It's lightweight yet warm and very well made for such a low price. Also, there's much more depth to the cardigan's colors than is visible in this photo.
**I would generally reserve brown cap-toe shoes for business, but having bought these so beat up, they're perfect for everyday wear.

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