Sunday, September 16, 2012

Summer in September

Once again calling on family for inspiration, I assembled today's church outfit in honor of my uncle Philip. Though he wintered in Coral Gables and spent summers here in Charleston, he shared a single wardrobe with both locales. That wardrobe was one of impeccable fit, vibrant colors and preppy styling. Living somewhere it's always summer has its sartorial benefits. For my uncle Philip, this meant bespoke linen and silk jackets of spring green, coral and lavender, crisp white linen trousers and equally crisp, monogrammed pocket squares. And though I now own those jackets and trousers, today's outfit is influenced by Uncle Philip but is all my own, pocket square (accidentally) not included.

Blazer - Paul Fredrick (very) lightweight wool/cashmere blend -, $75
Shirt - vintage Polo 120s broadcloth -, $36
Tie - Ralph Lauren Purple Label - eBay, $16
Trouser - Polo cotton chino (as mentioned here) -, $52
Socks (not pictured) - Club Room light blue (matches blazer) - $1.50
*Shoes - Allen Emonds - eBay, $22

*These are my favorite shoes - the most comfortable, (nearly) most beat up, most patinated, most burnished shoes I own - and I wouldn't have them any other way.


  1. This is an amazing outfit Scott, I must admit I'm a sight bit envious of that sport coat and those chinos. I imagine this being worn at a tropical resort somewhere with an ice cold G&T in hand. Your uncle must have been quite a sight, we need more men like that and I think it's great you're carring on his legacy.

    1. Thank you! I'd been looking for the perfect green chinos for at least a year before I finally picked these up on clearance. The sport coat has been a very pleasant surprise. It was the first thing I ever ordered from Paul Fredrick, and the quality is pretty great. I do, however, plan to change out the black plastic buttons for mother of pearl.