Saturday, September 15, 2012

My "Dad Outfit"

I've been told I dress very well for my age. I suppose I should take that as a compliment, given the how most twenty-four year old guys dress. I've also been told I dress like an "old rakish gent," or an "old man", in general. I certainly take those remarks as compliments, given how my father inspires the way I dress. From my childhood I remember him wearing tasseled kilties everywhere. In fact, on the weekends he would wear outfits just like this - a cardigan or rugby layered over a sport shirt, madras shorts and his beat up kilties. Call such an outfit trendy and trad, I don't care. To me, this is simple, timeless, American style.

Cardigan - Merona marled cotton - Target clearance sale, $8
Shirt - Polo cotton/silk blend - eBay, $12
Shorts - vintage bleeding madras - thrift shop, $3
Shoes - vintage Florsheim Barletta - thrift shop, $1

How has your father inspired your style?

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