Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Autumn Essentials - Country Casual

Based on you're locale, it might not yet be time to break out the tweeds, cashmeres, and cords. However, it's never too early to start shopping for autumn weather and plan some future outfit ideas.

One of my favorite color combinations is purple and green. Pink and green (you know, that blinding all-too-preppy pink/green combo) is not for everyone, but purple and green together is much more wearable. Whether pairing a dusty purple heather and olive or something more like the saturated tones shown here, this color scheme is understated yet strong.

Speaking specifically of this outfit, the pants are horribly short, but given practical application, all the pieces of the outfit look great together. When putting together a look like this, here a few things to keep in mind. An otherwise solid (in color) look is made whimsical with embroidered cords. Sturdy-soled boots are more appropriate for inclement weather than loafers or brogues. An equally sturdy belt is proper here, for something that is inherently a country (therefore, casual) look. A sport coat in herringbone, Donegal or birdseye tweed adds great texture to the outfit.

To set this outfit with a tie, I recommend a v-neck sweater, not a crewneck. Otherwise, a crewneck in merino or cashmere can't be beat. A solid oxford is your safest shirt choice, though a simple tattersall would be another classic option.

Would you wear something like this? This outfit, exactly as is? What might you tweak?


  1. Now I really like this outfit.
    The only thing I would change would be the cords. I like embroidered pants as much as the next guy, however, I like mine to be a bit more subtle (smaller). I know there's no such thing as subtle embroidered pants, but I think they can be more subtle.

  2. My only fault here is how horribly short those pants are, they look like man capris. I mean, you shouldn't be thaaat excited to show off your boots. Also maybe make that pink shirt into a white one, I think pink and purple should rarely be layered upon each other.

    1. Those pants enter Thom Browne territory for sure. I agree, white would look better. Personally, I'd go with tattersall to add visual interest to an otherwise almost-all-solids look.