Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wool and Windowpane

Polo Ralph Lauren yellow oxford
Robert Talbott repp foulard tie
Polo Ralph Lauren cardigan

(not pictured:)
Polo Ralph Lauren navy chino
Allen Edmonds brown tassel loafer

More than an entire year I waited to buy this cardigan as it made its way from $445 to $222.50 to $111.25 at a local menswear shop. At last, I pulled the trigger when I received an extra 30% off the final price.

Is $77.88 a lot to spend on a cardigan? Yes. For an avid thrifter and eBay shopper, that's a lot to spend on anything. Yet, the value of something like this goes beyond original price and the amount I saved. With a soft wool outer shell and pima cotton inner shell, this cardigan is incredibly well made. The lightweight wool makes for three-season use, while the very presence and styling of the cardigan serves as an acceptable substitute for blazers in not-so-formal occasions.

It make have taken a year, but my patience paid off and I couldn't be happier.

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