Saturday, August 25, 2012

Wish List - Black Watch Bag

This fall, everybody's favorite plaid will be offered in messenger bag form at Target. Not yet available in store, I snagged this image from the Target press site. The price was not listed, but I'm guessing $30-$40.

As much as I love Black Watch anything, I'm not sure I would buy this. A few years ago, when my only bag was a vintage canvas messenger, I would've picked this up immediately. However, as my style as become more refined, several thoughts come to mind.

The price will be fair, but that's because the bag will be made entirely of synthetic materials. I can't expect leather and wool under $50, even $150.

I have a leather attache for business, this will be for casual settings. So, while my style has progressed beyond the junk I wore when I was 18, do I sacrifice quality for aesthetics? 

Who's to say that, despite the bag's construction, it isn't sturdy and well-designed in general? Perhaps it will last for years.

What are the chances I'll find anything even slightly similar at a thrift shop? 

Crazy, right? I know this decision will be easy when I finally see and hold the bag in store, but until then I can only speculate. Perhaps I'm spoiled by my eBay steals, thrift shop discoveries and such.

Does this bag pass the eye-test for you? Would you buy it based on the Black Watch pattern alone?


  1. Just picked this up for $25!

  2. I picked it up! I LOVE it!! It looks great with any preppy outfit. I love your blog, I am your newest follow! You have great taste in fashion. :)