Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mellow in Yellow

Bad photo, good outfit... at least I'd like to think so. As autumn slowly rolls in, I plan to get back to posting more outfits. I'll start here.

Polo Ralph Lauren oxford
Polo Ralph Lauren cotton vest
Countess Mara linen bow tie
Polo Ralph Lauren Stanton jean
Smart Turnout striped socks
Cole Haan Country bit loafers

I happened to pull this look together at the last moment before a party. After picking the yellow bow tie, I realized the vest and socks would complete the outfit nicely. Jeans keep the look casual while the bit loafers are an upgrade from standard pennies.


  1. First thing: I like the new layout. It's very nice.

    Second thing: I'm glad you're doing WIWT posts again. They are always badass!

    Third thing: I like this look! Bow ties kick people in the teeth!