Saturday, August 18, 2012

Kickin' It in Campsides

Polo Ralph Lauren linen shirt
Rooster Indian madras tie
Merona cotton shawl cardigan
Polo Ralph Lauren chino
Sebago Campsides

Just picked up this vintage Rooster tie for $6 on eBay. Tagged "Bleeding Indian Madras," I can't wait to boil it and see how the colors turn out. The Merona cardigan is one of my favorite knitwear pieces - so much so that I own two. I keep one in place of a sweatshirt for trips to the gym. The other gets worn around the house when it's chilly, as well as for basically any other occasion. The American-made Campsides were a $1 thrift shop find awhile back. Aside from needing fresh insoles, they looked new when I bought them two years ago and  they've held up very well since then.


  1. How do the campsides compare to the LL Bean blucher mocs?

    1. I've never owned LL Bean mocs, only vintage boat shoes. However, I can say that while the leather of the Campsides is very sturdy, it's not as soft as I'd like. Were I to buy new mocs from either brand I'd probably go with LL Bean, although I'd pick Rancourt if money weren't an issue. Check out this model.

      In fact, check out the entire Rancourt collection, if you're not familiar with the brand. The spring/summer collection is pretty awesome.

    2. Pedro over at Ivy Style said to avoid them. He's going to send me some pictures of how they fell apart on him: