Monday, August 13, 2012

Gant Gone Wrong

So many things are so very wrong with Gant's new campaign. Aside from ridiculous prices, the clothing itself isn't bad. However, what the **** is unkempt sprezzatura? A connection to the passion of food making and fashion? A denim apron?

Clearly, unkempt sprezzatura is achieved when a hipster chef wears a denim apron and fully buttons his shirt yet doesn't wear a tie. Maybe his shirt is buttoned to keep a stray chest hair from falling on to his authentic artisan pizza? No, that would be too practical and not the least bit unkempt sprezzatura... especially given the mop on top. Perhaps its the superfluous waistcoat worn with the apron that unleash the unkempt sprezzatura-ness? Sure.

That's unkempt sprezzatura.

*YWP, I'm sure you'll have something to add here. 

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