Thursday, August 2, 2012

Collegiate Cool

Once in awhile, Rugby puts out some pieces that don't bear ridiculous faux-insignia. These pieces actually tend to be quite nice, like the shawl cardigan seen here. Though not yet available on, I would assume this to be Shetland wool, much like the shaggy Shetlands Rugby has offered the past few years. While I will certainly be putting this sweater on my Christmas wish list, I really like (almost) the entire outfit.

Though a jacket is pictured hanging from the duffle, a substantial cardigan offers an excellent substitute for casual occasions. The orange-red chinos compliment the yellow nicely and offer the outfit a pop of color not found in the subtle yellow. I would simply switch out the ball cap for a driving cap and, of course, roll down the pant legs.

It may only be the start of August, but I'm warming up (or would it be cooling down?) for my winter wardrobe.

What's your take on the cardigan?

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