Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bow Tie Blowout

1 visit to Macy's.
2 purchases with 2 coupons.
6 bow ties.


  1. That's my store. Are they all Countess Mara, or are the brands split? I always used my discount and my Macy's cash to get me stuff. That's how I got my reversible bow tie for like... almost nothing. Bought two or three polo shirts that way as well.

    Disclaimer: I worked at Macy's, and maintain the option to return should I wish, although given my professional teaching positions, that is unlikely. I don't always shop at Macy's, but I always try to shop there first if the prices are identical across the various department stores.

  2. They're all Countess Mara. Macy's here carries only Countess Mara and Tommy Hilfiger bow ties, and I refuse to wear anything Tommy Hilfiger.

    Macy's is the only department store of its kind in Charleston (not counting JCP, Kohl's, etc, at which I never shop), which I don't horribly mind because I enjoy buying from there. I always find my best deals on Polo in store or on the Macy's site, and I greatly enjoy the Club Room brand.