Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Astounding Amaretto

I have several pair of boat shoes from brands such as Ralph Lauren (the premium shoe line, not Polo), L.L. Bean, Sebago and Sperry. While each of these companies produces quality shoes, nobody makes boat shoes like Sperry. The classic Top-Sider has been in my rotation for years. When my sole ripped and the time came to pick up a new pair, I scoured shoe sites for the best deal and found nothing under $55. I had decided to give up my search until December, when even the classic model is relatively cheap. 

Then, I found this one and only pair of amaretto Top-Siders at Macy's for $16. It turns out somebody ordered these from Macys.com and returned them to the store. Given that this particular color isn't carried in store, the shoes were marked down to $30. Following a coupon and two discounts, I took these home... and I still can't believe it.

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  1. Eeeyup! I always used to raid the clearance racks and combined with some discounts. My Coach baseball shoes were purchased this way. I only got rid them of because I out grew them, and then I sold them on ebay, and got a good amount of money back. I think I paid $38 for shoes originally at $125 or something like that.