Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Affordable Essentials: Ties

You can't have too many ties, at least not when you're buying them from thrift shops for a few dollars. When buying new, you don't have to go out and drop a hundred bucks on what is, essentially, no more than a little bit of silk. Though there may be big differences between a $15 tie and a $150 tie, either will last for years with good care. When you're trying to find a few proper ties to kickstart your work wardrobe, there are a few classic styles to which you can turn. I feel the best options are the repp stripe and pindot. Below are several examples of both, in overall neutral tones which work with your standard grey suit/navy blazer and just about anything else.

The ties above are available at the Tie Bar for $15 each. You can also pick up your white silk or cotton pocket square here. 

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