Monday, May 7, 2012

A Perfect Pairing

It's not often I love an entire look. Browsing the blogosphere each day, I find plenty of inspiration in individual items I'd wear. However, I rarely come across an outfit and say, "I want that!" This is that rare exception, an example of a look with which I identify completely, a look from which I wouldn't change a thing.

I don't know this gentleman and I'm not familiar with the photographer, Rose Callahan. I pulled this image from Tumblr because not only do I enjoy the outfit, I truly appreciate the casual confidence required to pull it off. Take away the incredible blazer and you still have a guy with a simple, clean look and the nice touch of a collar pin. The tie falls to the proper spot, the trousers aren't neo-prep skinny, and the hat is an absolute classic. So, it's the combination of this simple base and the plaid on top that make me want this look for myself.

So much of pulling off an outfit is carrying yourself with confidence and panache. You think fellas at the Kentucky Derby, wearing pants in every color of the rainbow, give a damn what anyone else thinks about those pants on Derby day or otherwise? You think the gent above cares what you have to say about his blazer being too loud? Too bright?


As I said, I'd gladly wear this setup, piece by piece. But, without that jacket, I'll be turning to my supply of madras. After all, isn't that the root of style - taking something you see and making it your own. We'll see how it goes, tomorrow.

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