Thursday, May 3, 2012

Could Be Worse

When you enjoy the beautiful flowers, the weather that's just-right, and the unbeatable thrift shop finds of spring, it's hard to let anything get you down. So I'm not feeling too down, really, considering that in the past twenty-four hours someone in another state stole my credit card number and I spent fourteen hours waiting for a service visit from the phone company.

However, it could be worse. My bank's Fraud Security called me and took care of the credit card situation immediately. I'm just grateful I wasn't mugged and had someone get my card number that way. Also, being stuck at home while waiting for the phone company gave me the opportunity to garden, to read on my deck and enjoy the birds, and to prepare some items for the CKC Shoppe for you wonderful readers.

Like I said, things could always be worse. Take the coming day to be as optimistic as ever, thanking your family and friends for the joy they bring to your life.

~Scott Alexander

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