Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Casualization of an American Man's Clothing

To some people, dressing down means wearing a polo and chinos, as opposed to the usual office-only suit. To others, sadly, dressing up means wearing a polo and chinos, with a suit or even a sport coat out of the question.

I'm not much of a suit guy - I own five - but thanks to my bargain-hunting efforts, I own around forty sport coats. To me, wearing a tuxedo is dressing up; wearing a sport coat is simply dressing well.

On three occasions whilst running errands today, I was asked in one way or another, "Why are you so dressed up?" I could only affirm that this is how I often dress. The casualization of the American man's wardrobe, something that seems to be be very slowly reversing, is just absurd.

Shouldn't the guy in camo cargo shorts and an embroidered muscle tee be the person in question? (Yes, that guy was standing behind me at Target checkout.) I realize I'm not spot-on with every outfit, but I'll proudly hold my style against that of the Affliction-afflicted, Tapout-tapping, Abercrombie-abominating masses.

I'm all for artistic freedom, the freedom of sartorial expression and such, but I believe a certain level of respect should be upheld when out in public. I dress in such a manner as to look well for myself, while respecting my surroundings (both people and places).

To succumb to a routine of dress which doesn't at least attempt to best display one's attributes is an injustice to oneself.  I don't expect anyone to change who doesn't want to change. But you see, that's the problem - the lack of effort to wear something appropriate, to wear something that fits, even to wear something clean.

What passes for proper is preposterous.

Michael Kors gingham blazer, Polo shirt and pima sweater, Breuer tie, Oak Hill linen trouser, Club Room socks and Bally loafers.

A little effort, fellas.


  1. Scott, I couldn't agree with you more. I realize I'm biased and that we're like-minded, but I think you hit on some key points here, namely:
    - Respect for oneself and those around you... what does what I'm wearing say about me and those I'm with?
    - Forethought...should I leave the house dressed this way?
    - Effort... honestly, how hard is it to dress appropriately?

  2. "Why are you so dressed up?"
    "I'm not."

    Have this conversation every day.

  3. "Why are you so dressed up?"
    "All my Tapout tees are in the wash."

    I think I'm going to use that one next time.

  4. I absolutely love this combination!So pretty!