Monday, April 16, 2012

A Smart Turnout for Me

 Al Masih Qam! Xhristos Anesti! Kristos Voskresse!

That was for any fellow Orthodox Christians out there. Moving on...

Orthodox Holy Week has just come to a close, and what a week it was! Aside from the deeply moving church services and special times with family, I was blessed in another way. Two weeks ago, I featured a press release sent to me from a gentleman at Smart Turnout. After sharing this press release, I was granted a kind gesture of gratitude - the offer of a few pair of Smart Turnout's most popular socks for simply writing a product review. I had read great things about Smart Turnout products since first learning about the brand a few years back, and having seen the iconic striped socks and cricket sweaters everywhere from the blogosphere to GQ to the red carpet, I gladly accepted the offer.

My package arrived Thursday. As a recent college graduate, I don't exactly have the disposable income to spend $29 for a pair of socks, so to find not two or three but six pair left me stunned. Honestly, I was overwhelmed by such generosity. The socks were carefully packed into two sturdy, plastic envelopes to ward off dampness and odor. As I pulled each pair from the envelopes, the quality became evident. The labels read 100% cotton, made in the U. K., and hand finished.

The socks are incredibly soft, neither to thick nor too thin. They're not so thick as to make your feet sweat, and not so thin as to be sheer like some dress socks. Despite a lack of spandex, these socks stay in place. Having worn three different pair the last three days, I've not noticed a single issue, after-use, of snagging or pulling of fabric.

While I realize the price of Smart Turnout socks isn't feasible for some, the investment is worthwhile. I have no doubt that, with proper care, these socks will last for many years. You can check out the current selection here, and you'll be pleased to see that several styles are currently on sale.

Again, I thank Smart Turnout for this opportunity, but also, I thank my readers for helping build the Cable Knit Charlestonian over the past two years. Without your loyal readership and feedback, this opportunity would have never been granted to me in the first place. I'll be displaying these socks in different looks over the coming week.

~Scott Alexander


  1. I am in need of some good socks. I might have to check out Smart Turnout

  2. Very nice. Both the socks and how the socks came to be in your possession.

    You've made some very nice networking connections with various PR people. That kind of dialogue will go way beyond just your blogging.