Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mellow in Marlborough

I'll preface this by saying that I've never worn an abundance of grey or black, but I think this works.

Any pair of Smart Turnout socks can make quite a statement, even a rather toned-down style like the burgundy, white and black Marlborough. Thus, the rest of the outfit is based in shades of grey, drawing on pattern and texture rather than color for effect. Up top, from dear old Ralphie, are a plaid broadcloth shirt and micro-gingham silk tie. Down below, along with the Marlborough socks are Allen Edmonds Harvard loafers and Oak Hill twill chinos.

I'm proud to say this is also one of my more thrifty outfits as of late, costing about $27.

What's your top thrift shop find this month?


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  2. I haven't found anything too exciting lately. I picked up the top half of a Brooks navy 3/2 poplin suit that I intend to use as a warm weather odd jacket. 43L and fits me perfectly.
    Also picked up a Brooks orange/navy rugby shirt. I bought it to flip, but it is my size. I've never worn a rugby shirt before, so I might give it a two-ounce try before I make a decision.
    In the same store, I picked up a Brooks shetland sweater in heather blue for myself. When I got it home, I discovered a small hole in the chest. Not enough to stop me from wearing it, though. Strangely, I cannot find a country of origin listed on any of the inside tags.

    Also, did you thrift those Marlborough socks? Those are sharp, but I can't see myself paying retail for them.