Thursday, April 19, 2012

Houndstooth and Haileybury

Yesterday was one of those all dressed up and nowhere to go days. Cold rain, bitter winds. Although, excited to test out another pair of Smart Turnout socks, I pieced together this look and headed out to the bookstore for an afternoon of coffee and reading. Mostly coffee.  

Everything here is tied together in browns and greys, with notes of purple. The deep purple-grey houndstooth of the jacket draws into the trousers, pocket square and socks. While browns run through the sweater, the windowpane of the jacket as well as the jacket buttons, and the chocolate brown brogues.

Chaps Ralph Lauren houndstooth/windowpane sport coat (vintage, made in USA)
Northern Isles cable knit cashmere turtleneck (new from the thrift)
Worsted wool trousers (unknown brand from the thrift)
Daniel Cremieux silk pocket square
Florsheim brogues (vintage, made in USA)
Smart Turnout Haileybury socks (made in UK)

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