Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Few Updates

First of all...
Congratulations to Mistermidwester for winning the Beetlejuice Caption Contest! You can expect a set of ties to be headed your way next week.

Second, a reader question...
I like all the stuff you post, but why don't expand beyond fashion? What else do you like - books, sports, tv? Do you read any non-fashion blogs?

Not many of my friends share my interest in style, so I voice my opinions via blog. When it comes to books, sports, television, etc., I prefer to discuss these things amongst friends and family because I gain more from actual conversation than I ever could through written word. However, I'm always glad to talk about interests when asked such a question.

Some favorite writings: the Count of Monte Cristo, Othello, any work of Doyle or Kipling
... Sports: basketball, rugby, tennis, golf, lacrosse, hockey, cricket
... Shows: Dan Patrick Show, How I Met Your Mother, 2 Broke Girls, Whitney, Castle, Mythbusters
... Films: Alfie, the Godfather, Rent, Gangs of New York, Newsies, Scott Pilgrim, Nick and Norah

I read several blogs on advertising, architecture/interior design, and Orthodox Christian history.

Third, about the Belk post...
When a very kind Belk P.R. rep. contacted me last week about sharing a press release, I agreed because I value the quality and affordability of Belk's offerings. I promise never to sell-out like certain bloggers who post advertorials and call them genuine editorials.

1 comment:

  1. Whoot! Look forward to the ties!

    Re: the Belk post. Hopefully nobody gave you too much grief, but in future posts of that nature, maybe make it even more clear that it's press release content, rather than written by you. Sometimes it's hard to immediately tell, and that distinction might be nice to read upfront.