Friday, March 2, 2012

Allen Edmonds Double Down

Allen Edmonds Danbury (left) and Nassau (right).

I just landed both pair on eBay for only $40. 
The Danbury is one of my favorite Allen Edmonds designs, for its simplicity and elegance. 
The Nassau is sharkskin, unlike anything I've owned or even seen at a thrift shop.


  1. homeless person shoes

  2. These look great. $40 is a steal as well for AE. And one sharkskin too. Have never seen sharkskin shoes in real life so interesting to hear how they feel and perform.

    1. The sharkskin is incredibly strong yet pliable. I was afraid the shoes would feel stiff but that has not been a problem. I've also had the fortune of picking up ostrich and lizard shoes in the past year, though this new pair is my favorite.