Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tied to Springtime

As I warm up to warmer weather, I look forward to breaking out my latest tie acquisitions.

Lands' End - A relatively new tie from Lands' End, all cotton but with a nice linen-like texture.
Robert Talbott - I'm guessing this is a 1980's piece, but the sailboat motif will never lose its style.
Robert Talbott - Absolutely the oldest Talbott tie I've found. Incredible construction, interesting tags, and best of all, true Indian bleeding madras. (The lovely label told me so.)

Chaps - This mid-2000's tie might have been made in China but the print is quite beautiful, and the quality exceeds that of current Lauren Ralph Lauren or Chaps pieces.
Polo - A newer number, I'm glad to finally have a houndstooth tie not made of wool. All silk, here.
Chaps - This and the other Chaps tie are certainly from the same collection, and I'm also certain I'll be getting plenty of wear from both. I've rarely seen a tie with such an intriguing color combination.


  1. I'm unsure whether I love or hate the Polo. I think I love it

    1. Despite the traditional pattern and color scheme, this tie is anything but traditional. That will make wearing it well all the more fun and challenging.