Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Black Fleece Poncho

Need a poncho for the approaching spring rains? Yeah, well...

Buy this Brooks Brothers Black Fleece poncho, yet another genuine-classic-signature-authentic-trad-ivy-prep-WASP creation of Thom Browne. Yep.

Nothing says money well spent like an Italian made poncho. You know that poncho you bought at Walmart for one dollar? Not good enough, you fool. Why spend one dollar on the one poncho you'll need for a year before spending another dollar the next year to replace the last one that dry-rotted, and so on, when you can have the poncho of a lifetime for $550? Because, the poncho of a lifetime will still probably dry rot, or rip, or get lost within a year, as tends to happen with ponchos. Why? Because ponchos should cost a dollar, maybe two. Not ever, ever, ever $550.

But if you insist on being that guy, who actually likes this faux-military nylon nuisance, don't forget to pick up the coordinating military dress jacket. A bargain at only $850.

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