Thursday, February 9, 2012

Another Cashmiracle

 Two new cashmere sweaters from eBay. $57.16, well spent.


  1. You kill me. Hopefully that doesn't create a redundancy in your cashrainbow.

  2. I had neither cotton, silk, nor cashmere sweaters in these two colors until now, so I'm redundancy free.

  3. So beautiful! I bet they feel like cottony heaven ^_^
    Love your new layout! It's quite perfect for your site.
    So glad that you totally get my obsession with researching clothing labels in vintage garments. Knowing the history brings me so much joy. It's an extension of the vintage treasure hunt.

    1. Cottony heaven. I'll be sure to make that the title of my next post on cashmere.
      So glad you like the layout!
      My fascination with all things vintage and antique has been fueled by study of advertising and marketing in school. Wearing a particular piece of clothing means so much more when you know its history.