Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Today From eBay

There are two particular sweaters I've been wanting for awhile, two pieces I've been hoping to come across on eBay since spotting them at in the past few seasons. Today, I purchased both on eBay for $49.85.

Up first is this argyle sweater. I enjoy the vivid color combination of green and purple, which remains understated against a chocolate brown base tone. A great blend of cotton and cashmere, it will be perfect to wear throughout most of the year.
Next comes a special take on the classic cricket sweater. A cable knit has been substituted by intricate herringbone and the collar holds several rich colors, as opposed to the traditional two-tone take. I couldn't have been happier to discover this piece in the middle of winter, as I'll be getting immediate use of this wool and cashmere blend.

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