Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Return of the CKC Shoppe

New opportunities in this new year have me feeling excited to work on the CKC Shoppe again. I'm looking forward to once again giving people the chance to score on the unbelievable thrift shop deals I come across. I'd like to thank each of you made a purchase last year, and I hope you're all still enjoying your goods! I've reopened the shop with sevel new pieces, and I'll be adding a great deal more in the near future.

All tie purchases in the USA will now include free shipping.

And to help kick things off, enter CKC10 at checkout for an extra 10% off your purchase!

Click here to check out the details on these seven beautiful ties. 

Purveyor of second-hand goods for first class gents.


  1. I should very much like to put a claim on ties 3 and 5, but I will not be able to pay you until Friday morning.

    1. The anchor tie and A. S. Highlanders tie? They've not yet been sold, so I'll remove them and list them again Friday morning. Thanks!

    2. You can go ahead and relist them when you want. I didn't realise it was set up that way. If someone beats me to it, so be it!

    3. I have them relisted. I'm sure you're be able to get them.