Monday, January 9, 2012

Questions From the Audience - Denim

Reader questions have been filling up the inbox lately. I'll take this week to address the most frequently regarded subjects. Today I'll be paraphrasing on a number of questions about jeans.

What do you find to be the most reliable brand/style of jean?
I most frequently wore Lee's in high school but found them to wear out quickly. I've tried several styles of Wrangler jeans over the years but none were cut comfortably. Levi's work quite well for me, especially the 559 relaxed-fit model in Tumbled Rigid. The straight-cut is timeless, and not so snug as to give that ridiculous neo-prep, shrunk-to-sh*t-in-the-dryer look. I also have some 501's but I don't wear them as often, as they're slightly heavier than I like. Overall, I feel Levi's to be constructed quite well in terms of design and durability. Also, Agave jeans are made very well for casual use but lack the toughness one might expect from Levi's. I wouldn't pay even half price, but I was glad to snag a pair at around eighty percent off last summer. The same goes for Polo jeans. Solid quality but a high price tag lead me to pick them up on clearance.

You seem to wear the same dark jeans in each post. What's your take on different washes?
I have a rotation of around ten jeans, all of similar dark washes. I find some lighter washes to be fine, just not for me. Darker washes go with far more and tend to wear better and longer, as they tend to have endured fewer chemical treatments. All of the fading, creasing, and fraying in my jeans occurred naturally. These jeans with embroidery, rips, holes, studs, and so on should be burned. I'm talking to you, Abercrombie *ssholes and Ed Hardy idiots.

What's the best wear to take care of jeans?
I wash my new jeans before ever wearing them. This removes extra dye which might otherwise rub off to your skin, other clothing, or even furniture. After that, there's little reason to wash your jeans with each use. However, concerning odor prevention, don't wear the same jeans two days in a row as they need time to air-out. Following every three or four wearings, turn your jeans inside out (for color retention) and throw them in the washer with only other jeans. Washing in cold water with Woolite Extra Dark Care has worked incredibly well for me. Dry on low heat for a full cycle. If your jeans are still damp, find and ideal place to let them air-dry. This is a good way to prevent shrinkage.

Any other questions or comments on denim? Let me hear them below.

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